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Arcadia is continually expanding our technology and design, with a focus on architectural innovation and leading-edge building materials. Our next generation of products will continue to evolve and break new ground. As the leader in automated shade and shelter, our mission is to enhance outdoor living and exceed people’s expectations for what outdoor lifestyle really means.


Make a Positive Impression

The exterior of your commercial facility speaks volumes about the way you do business. The right awning helps to establish your identity, protect your facility and your customers from the elements, and make a strong and positive first impression. At American Construction of Texas, we provide high-quality commercial awnings and canopies to discerning clients throughout Texas. Custom awning structures provide multiple benefits for commercial enterprises.

  • Enhanced Appearance

  • Increased Visibility

  • Expanded Retail Space

  • Protection From the Elements

ACTX specializes in all types of commercial awnings, from large canopy structures to customized storefront awnings. Our customers can expect dynamic graphics and exacting quality, design, fabrication, and installation.

Extend the “welcome mat” for your business! Awnings and canopies provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for the entrance to your business. They combine function and style to identify your location, increase signage and customize your business “personality.”

ACTX designs, engineers, and fabricates durable standing seam metal awnings and overhangs to complement the architecture of your building.

Protect your customers from sun and rain for entrances and outdoor areas of your business. We custom design and build large canopy structures to provide protection and blend with your building design.

Backlit custom graphic designs increase your business visibility and attract customers… an effective marketing solution to display your branding or signage and boost business.

At ACTX, we’re serious about earning your trust and loyalty. That’s why, as our customer, you can expect great service, exceptional value, and products that are high in quality. We pride ourselves on superior workmanship and a commitment to our clients’ satisfaction. And we offer a wide range of awnings to suit any style. Whatever your industry, aesthetic goals, or budget, we’ll help you identify the right awning or canopy solution for your commercial facility.

Make a great first impression
with a commercial awning from
American Construction of Texas!


Outdoor Comfort and Style

American Construction of Texas manufactures and installs the finest retractable products to improve the security, energy efficiency, comfort, and privacy of your home and business. Our products include:

  • Adjustable Roof Patio Covers

  • Traditional Patio Covers

  • Aluminum Patio Covers

  • Residential Awnings & Canopies

  • Roll-Up Solar Screens & Curtains

  • Rolling Security & Hurricane Shutters

  • Rolling Interior Screens

  • Retractable Sun Shades

Custom awnings provide almost unlimited opportunities to enhance your home with unique shapes and colors, dramatic impact, and added protection against the elements. For your entries, windows, or outdoor living areas, awnings offer multiple benefits:

  • Increased Comfort & Living Space

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Enhanced Decor & Value

  • Noise Protection

  • Sun Blocking

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Protection

  • Security

  • And More…

Our awnings and canopies combine functional elegance with decorative appeal to enhance the architecture of your home, in addition to providing protection from the elements. ACTX awnings and canopies will:

  • Block nearly 60% of the heat from the sun

  • Lower energy costs

  • Extend the life of the furnishings in your home

The experienced and professional staff at American Construction of Texas will:

  • Assist you in determining the configuration that best fits your requirements

  • Provide a wide range of patterns, solids, and fabrics to choose from

  • Provide renderings for your awning or canopy

  • Provide uncompromising quality at affordable prices

ACTX will make your residential awning installation a pleasure. Our trained technicians will:

  • Provide a free in-house presentation of our products

  • Provide counseling for the best possible installation

  • Take necessary measurements

  • Verify installation feasibility

  • Provide fabric samples to match your house and meet HOA compliance

  • Present custom options for your retractable awning

  • Provide a choice of a motorized or manual retractable awning to be installed by our trained and professional installers inside of 3 weeks

When you decide to increase your outdoor enjoyment, a custom awning or canopy can be the perfect solution for cool comfort and style. Window and entry awnings protect you and your furnishings from harmful UV rays and the elements. You will enjoy the shade and protection your awnings provide and appreciate your reduced air conditioning costs. Properly sized and installed, ACTX provides a solution that is attractive, durable and affordable. Our professional team will help you in determining the shading solution that is right for your home and budget.


  • When we custom design an awning or canopy, we take many things into consideration to ensure that you receive the best-possible solution for your needs.
  • First we will sit with you to discuss your requirements, to understand your home or business “personality,” and to determine your needs.
  • We will also show you examples of different awning or canopy styles, color combinations, and materials.
  • We review your home or commercial building in order to creatively understand how the awning styles you favor will work in that setting.
  • We typically do a model of what your awning or canopy will look like on your home or building and make adjustments based on your considerations.
  • Graphics, particularly for commercial applications, can be an important part of the end product. We work with you, sometimes through many iterations to achieve the look and feel that is just right.
  • Once you have approved the design, our experienced personnel begin to create your awning in our shop. If we have questions along the way, we will be in touch.
  • When completed, your awning or canopy is installed by our team of experienced installers. If any adjustments are needed, we will naturally make them.
  • After installation, relax and begin to enjoy the many benefits of your new awning.

Cost Effective Rugged Solutions

When it comes to industrial structures one size simply does not fit all. That is why American Construction of Texas provides fixed and retractable structures as well as arched structures that are fully modular and can be joined side by side or end to end to cover extremely large surface areas. Our custom industrial products provide cost effective rugged solutions to cover all of your needs. Below are the most common applications. Contact us for any custom applications listed or not listed below.

  • Clean Rooms

  • Industrial Tarps

  • Industrial Covers

  • Industrial Roll Up Curtains

  • Loading Dock Covers

  • Machinery Covers

  • Mesh Tarps

  • Oil Rig Wind Breaks

  • Nylon Safety Needs

  • Bird Mesh

  • Welding Curtains

  • Wind Screens

  • Bakery Conveyor Catch Cloth

  • Biogas Covers

  • Concrete Curing Covers

  • Hurricane Tarps

  • And more…

American Construction of Texas also builds extremely large individual structures to accommodate oversized objects such as silos, large vessels, process tanks, etc.

No matter how vast your site is or how unusual the terrain, ACTX can configure logistic solutions that make the most efficient use of available space at the lowest operating cost. We can even customize structures to fit extremely long narrow spaces or mold them to fit in areas with an irregular shape.

ACTX’s versatile steel and fabric structures are ideal for
large scale projects because they are much cheaper to build, quicker
to install and easier to maintain than traditional brick and mortar buildings.

They are also extremely durable and are built to withstand all of the natures elements. Naturally, structures can be reinforced to resist even greater wind speeds and support heavier loads upon request.

For large scale solutions with unique features custom built to your specifications, contact us to experience the difference that American Construction of Texas can make in streamlining your project operations and maximizing your productivity.

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American Construction of Texas has joined forces with leading manufacturers to bring the latest home improvement designs and innovations to our customers.

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